AC Maintenance in South Jersey

Now Offering Contactless Appointments!

To protect the safety of our customers and technicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering contactless air conditioning tune-ups. In order to carry out these no-entry visits, we are implementing a new process that will require your cooperation. During our visit, together, we will take the following steps:

  • We will perform all outdoor inspections and cleanings
  • You will help us adjust your thermostat as necessary
  • We will leave a clean filter on your doorstep
  • You will install the air conditioning filter
  • We will leave a product called FloodBuzz on your doorstep
  • You will open the FloodBuzz package and leave the item inside near your heater
  • If your condensate pump fails or is clogged, the FloodBuzz product will alert us that there is a leak
  • If there is a leak, you will turn off your unit and schedule service

During these uncertain times, we remain dedicated to keeping you and your home comfortable.

Are you ready to make sure your air conditioner is fully prepared to beat back the heat? Call (856) 795-3226 or contact us online to speak with our HVAC experts today!

Download our maintenance brochure here.

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

Believe it or not, your air conditioner is similar to your car—you can’t expect either to work well with little to no use for months on end. Just like you would take your car in for an oil change and inspection, you need to schedule maintenance services for your cooling system. That way, you’re less likely to run into inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs.

At Bovio Rubino Service, we aim to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. When you call us for an AC tune-up, one of our certified technicians will provide a thorough inspection—that way, we can address issues and find the best solution for your needs and budget.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need Maintenance Service?

If you want to your AC to always be working optimally, make sure your system gets maintenance service at least once a year. At Bovio Rubino Service, we typically recommend more frequent maintenance when:

  • Anyone in your home has allergies or other health issues that can be exacerbated by poor indoor air quality.
  • You live in a high-traffic or dusty area.
  • Your air conditioner is at least 10 years old.

What Happens During an AC Tune-Up?

Our team of professionals takes pride in offering the best possible services to homeowners in South Jersey. We perform comprehensive air conditioning maintenance, taking care of everything necessary to ensure your unit gets a thorough tune-up. During your AC tune-up, we will:

  • Tighten the system’s electrical connections
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect the condensate drain
  • Check each system control
  • Ensure the thermostat settings are working
  • And more!

Make sure your system gets the care it needs! Contact us online or call (856) 795-3226 to schedule an AC tune-up from the cooling experts at Bovio Rubino Service.

Benefits of Regular Preventive Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s extremely important to make routine maintenance a part of your air conditioner’s life. Think about it: your cooling system ages—and it shows. Overtime, dust and debris build up in the system, causing the efficiency of your system to suffer. By scheduling maintenance, you can enjoy benefits including:

  • Improved performance. Maintenance for your furnace and air conditioning systems is like a tune-up for your vehicle. Important components receive the care they need to continue to operate at peak levels. Without maintenance, your system can suffer, and performance may be hindered.
  • Decreased repair needs. Undergoing maintenance for your air conditioner can help prevent repair needs. When a trained professional performs maintenance on your system, they can also diagnose and solve minor issues early before they result in extensive repair needs.
  • Longer service life. Properly maintaining your cooling system can offer a longer service life in many cases. The better your equipment is cared for, the longer it will last.
  • Improved energy efficiency. Maintenance for your cooling system also improves the efficiency of your system by improving its performance. A system that operates at a higher level of efficiency can save you money on your heating and cooling costs each season.

Trust Bovio Rubino Service for comprehensive air conditioner maintenance and your home will stay cool all summer long. We pride ourselves in using the most effective methods and techniques—that way your air conditioner can beat back the heat no matter what.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Voorhees & Cherry Hill

After a day spent enjoying a summer day in South Jersey, your home should relieve you from the scorching temperatures outside. By scheduling an AC tune-up with Bovio Rubino Service, you can depend on your cooling system no matter how hot it gets this summer. Our skilled team of NATE-certified technicians put your comfort above all else, so you can rest assured that we will provide the best maintenance services possible.

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