AC Tune-Ups in Voorhees, NJ

Our South Jersey summers, and even spring seasons, can put up a considerable fight. Your home’s air conditioning system needs to be able to rise to the occasion at all times, providing you with reliable cooling and comfort control. To ensure your system is in peak shape all season long the team at Rubino Service Company provides routine and comprehensive tune-up services!

We’ve been family-owned and operated locally in Voorhees and Cherry Hill for over 40 years. We put our focus into providing clients in South Jersey with services you can trust, and solutions you can rely on. If you’re looking for protection against sudden breakdowns and want to optimize energy-efficiency for your AC system, you’ve come to the right place.

Is it time to schedule your semi-annual air conditioner tune-up? Contact Rubino Service Company to get the best in the business!

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AC Tune-Up Services in South Jersey

Our professional service team is licensed, certified, and specially trained to bring you the best in tune-up and care services. We offer complete tune-ups that ensure your system runs like the day it was installed:

  • Component inspections and calibration. Your system experiences a lot of wear and tear during the warm season, which leads to considerable system damage and potential breakdowns. Our experts check all parts for quality, lubricate applicable moving parts, and more.
  • Electrical system and connection checks. Everything from the thermostat to the circuit your system runs on can come loose and wear down with time. We check all electrical systems for safety and optimal performance.
  • Condensate system inspection. The condensate drain is vital to ensuring your system dehumidifies both your home and itself properly. We inspect and clean the condensate system to avoid leaks and clogs!
  • Cleaning and filter changes. A clean and finely-tuned system provides your home with greater efficiency levels and tends to perform for far longer. We take great care to provide your system with the detail it deserves.
  • Repair and replacement recommendations. Part of the appeal of a tune-up is the opportunity to catch problems early on. If our service experts see something is amiss we will discuss with you your best course of action and provide all necessary services.

Why Do I Need to Get Tune-Ups?

Essentially tune-ups are important to your cooling system for the same reasons that a tune-up is important for a car. Or any other major piece of equipment for that matter. Proper care and routine service protects and prevents, helping your system to serve you at its best for years to come. A properly cared for system that gets at minimal annual service will:

  • Improve energy-efficiency
  • Help keep cooling costs down
  • Reduce the frequency of AC repair
  • Extend the lifespan of your air conditioner
  • Improve home air quality and reduce dust and allergens

Professional AC Tune-Ups in Voorhees and Cherry Hill, NJ

In order to optimize your cooling benefits tune-ups should be sought on a routine basis. Are you ready to get your service this year? Contact Rubino Service Company today! Our team is equipped to provide service for all major brands and models and can ensure you get the priority service and leading quality you’ve come to expect from the best.

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