Summers in South Jersey can be unbearably hot. Is your air conditioner ready for another strenuous cooling season? The best way to help your AC run reliably all summer long is to schedule a tune-up in the spring. Make this an annual priority, and your air conditioner is sure to last longer and perform more efficiently until the end of its lifespan.

Choose Bovio Rubino Service for air conditioner tune-ups and enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained AC. When you’re ready, contact us online or call (856) 795-3226 to schedule a visit from a Bovio Rubino Service technician.

Can You Tune Up Your Air Conditioner Yourself?

As a complex machine, air conditioners need professional attention to stay in good working order. Having said that, you can still perform some DIY tasks between formal tune-ups to maximize energy efficiency and decrease system wear and tear. Here’s how:

  • Keep most or all of your home’s air vents open and unobstructed by furniture or rugs.
  • Check the filter every month and replace it after no longer than three months in use.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit occasionally and hose it down to remove grass clippings, dead leaves, and other debris from the fins.
  • Trim back vegetation around the outdoor unit to ensure adequate airflow.

What Do Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Entail?

You can tackle basic AC maintenance yourself, but you should leave most of the work to the qualified HVAC experts at Bovio Rubino Service. Here’s what a typical air conditioner tune-up includes:

  • Change the filter
  • Clean the blower motor and verify good operation
  • Examine and replace the fan belt if needed
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect and unblock the condensate drain if necessary
  • Check system safety controls
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat
  • And more!

To make sure your AC receives a satisfactory tune-up, call (856) 795-3226 to speak with a cooling expert at Bovio Rubino Service today.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

As with any mechanical system, your air conditioner needs routine preventative care to remove dust and debris buildup, tighten loose connections, and ensure safe operation. Don’t skip your AC tune-up this year if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced performance: A clean, well-balanced, and lubricated system runs efficiently for years to come. When your air conditioner operates smoothly, you enjoy a more comfortable home with even temperatures and optimal humidity levels.
  • Lower cooling costs: Enhanced performance allows your AC to cool your home while consuming less electricity, thus lowering operating costs in the process.
  • Less frequent repairs: Scheduling a convenient air conditioner tune-up helps you avoid untimely breakdowns all summer long.
  • Lengthened service life: The better you care for your AC, the longer it will last. This helps the cost of maintenance pay for itself by saving you thousands of dollars on a premature air conditioner replacement.

Schedule Air Conditioner Tune-Ups in Voorhees & Cherry Hill

To get the most from each AC tune-up, make sure you choose a reliable HVAC company for the job. The highly trained, NATE-certified technicians at Bovio Rubino Service are well-equipped to maintain your air conditioner. We handpick our team members, so we can confidently ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Don’t wait another day to schedule this year’s air conditioner tune-up – let our team maintain your cooling equipment to ensure maximum energy efficiency and home comfort for many summers to come! Then, rely on us for other vital services, including AC installation, AC replacement, and AC repair.

To schedule an air conditioner tune-up in the Voorhees and Cherry Hill areas, please call Bovio Rubino Service at (856) 795-3226 or fill out an online contact form.