Boiler Repair Services in Voorhees & Cherry Hill, NJ

You rely on your boiler for home comfort all winter long, but what if it starts acting up? You should schedule boiler repair with an experienced HVAC company in South Jersey to ensure a reliable job at a fair price.

Rubino Service Company offers the boiler repair services you need to restore home comfort this winter. When you call us, we send a competent, NATE-certified Rubino Service Company technician to inspect and fix the problem. We’ll walk you through our findings and give you an estimate before we start working. This way, you can decide if going forward with the repair is an economical option or if you’re better off with a boiler replacement.

If you’re asking Alexa to schedule “boiler repair service near me” in South Jersey, please contact Rubino Service Company online or call us at 856-281-1297 today.

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When to Schedule Boiler Repair

It’s not always clear whether your boiler requires a repair. However, you should definitely get a second opinion if you notice your boiler having any of these issues:

  • Rust or corrosion: Have you been wondering “why is there water leaking from my boiler?” Rust or corrosion may be the culprit! While boilers are built to guard against corrosion, this problem can still sometimes occur, especially if you neglect maintenance. Check the system occasionally for signs of corrosion, including rust on the outside of the tank or other exterior components. Shut off the boiler immediately and have the problem remedied before you’re forced to replace the entire unit.
  • Leaking: Whether from the pipes, valves, connectors, or the tank itself, leaking is a serious problem. Because several things could cause a boiler to leak, it’s best to shut off the unit and call a professional to take a look as soon as possible.
  • Rumbling or other odd sounds: One advantage of a boiler is the silent operation. If you notice any loud noises, this tells you something’s wrong. Rumbling from the water tank is the most alarming sound because it could indicate a leaky valve or overheating water. Schedule a repair before more damage occurs.

Whether you need residential boiler repair for troubleshooting and are not sure the exact issue or need to schedule boiler valve replacement with the local experts, Rubino is the best name to know!

Reduce the Need for Boiler Repair with Preventative Maintenance

Emergency repairs are inconvenient, untimely, and an unplanned expense. To reduce your need for boiler repair, we suggest you make preventative maintenance a priority. Rubino Service Company offers boiler tune-ups so you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency: A well-maintained heater operates more smoothly than a neglected one.
  • Lower heating bills: When your boiler runs efficiently, your heating bills drop without making your home uncomfortable.
  • Superior comfort: If you have any problems with inconsistent indoor temperatures, maintenance helps resolve these issues for improved home comfort.
  • Fewer breakdowns: As already highlighted, taking good care of your boiler helps it get through the entire winter with no need for repair.
  • Longer system lifespan: Maintenance doesn’t just help your boiler last all season – it also adds to the total number of winters it remains in service, saving you substantially on replacement costs over the life of the unit.

Schedule Boiler Repair in South Jersey

Apart from minor malfunctions, boiler repair is not a DIY project! You could easily cause more problems than you solve or even create hazardous operating conditions, so after attempting basic troubleshooting steps, it’s best to leave the repair to a professional.

If you notice any problems with your boiler, call Rubino Service Company to schedule a repair. Rubino Service Company technicians serve the Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and Sewell areas with timely, dedicated service, completing each repair with professional precision. Whether your boiler is an older model or the newest equipment, we’re qualified to bring it back up to speed.

If you’re looking for a boiler repair company in South Jersey, please call our experienced team at 856-281-1297 or fill out our online contact form.