Boiler Replacement in South Jersey

You rely on your boiler to keep you comfortable all winter long. Unlike other forms of home heating, boilers don’t circulate heated air around your home. Instead, they heat water and divert it to radiators or baseboard heaters to gradually warm your home without drying out the air.

You may have once loved your boiler, but if it’s been acting up lately, you’re probably ready to replace it with a new unit. When that time comes, turn to Bovio Rubino Service for dependable boiler services. We’ll attempt a repair first and potentially advise a boiler replacement if we believe this is the most economical choice.

If you need the boiler in your South Jersey home replaced, leave the job to Bovio Rubino Service. Contact us online or call (856) 795-3226 today to request a free estimate.

Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Boilers are robust machines that work silently behind the scenes to heat your home. This means you must look carefully to tell when something’s wrong. Watch for these signs that you should repair and potentially replace your boiler.

  • Odd smells: Your boiler should never produce strange odors. If you notice any, this is a sign your ventilation system is blocked, which could lead to serious problems, such as carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Strange noises: Hissing is associated with a high iron or sludge content in the boiler’s piping, resulting in uneven water distribution and overheating. If you detect hissing or other unusual sounds coming from your boiler, hire a Bovio Rubino Service technician to inspect the problem right away.
  • Water leaks: Check around the boiler, radiator, and baseboard heaters for signs of leaks. Even a slow drip could indicate a serious impending problem, such as total pipe failure, which could cause significant water damage. Have boiler leaks looked at without delay and replace your boiler if necessary.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: The water flowing through the radiator or baseboard heaters should be a proper temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, this means there may be a circulation issue. You’ll soon notice the problem if it begins to affect the temperature in your home.

How Boiler Replacement Works

If you determine that replacing your boiler is the best course of action, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Select a fuel: Just like furnaces, boilers can run on natural gas, oil, and other less common fuels like propane and renewable energy. Consider the type of fuel you currently use and whether you want to change to a new fuel when you replace your boiler.
  • Choose an efficiency rating: New boilers are often 90 percent or more efficient, delivering more heat to your home and lowering your energy bills. Since high-efficiency boilers cost more upfront, we can help you calculate the payback period and ensure the most economical purchase.
  • Size the boiler: A properly sized boiler delivers just the right amount of heating to suit your needs and budget. When we size your boiler, we consider your home’s square footage, insulation levels, air infiltration rates, home orientation, window layout, and other factors.

Schedule a Boiler Replacement Consultation in Voorhees & Cherry Hill

If your boiler has seen better days, don’t wait for a total equipment breakdown to research your replacement options. Start browsing today, so you’re equipped to make the right choice when the time comes. The NATE-certified Bovio Rubino Service technicians at Bovio Rubino Service can help with this process. We are highly qualified to help you choose a new boiler and install it in place of your old one.

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