Ceiling Fan Installation in Voorhees, NJ

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The Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

Using ceiling fans can provide many benefits to New Jersey homeowners. First of all, they can lower your overall energy use by reducing the dependency on your cooling systems and also your heating systems. In the summer, using a ceiling fan can offer up to 30 percent savings on your energy bills. In the winter, the fan blades can be used to keep warm air circulating in your rooms, preventing it from gathering around the ceiling; your ceiling fan will help you resist the urge to turn up the thermostat unnecessarily, which leads to more energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Ceiling fans can also provide more than just a breeze. Many ceiling fans have the option of adding lighting fixtures, which gives homeowners more lighting options for their living areas. Ceiling fan installation is versatile; ceiling fans can be installed at standard ceiling height, and also be installed on vaulted ceilings. For your convenience, they can easily be wired to wall switches or operated by remote controls. Our team can even replace a ceiling light with a fan or install a ceiling fan with existing wiring for you!

Wondering how long ceiling fans last? Like many appliances, it comes down to the quality of the product when installed. Cheaper ceiling fans may only last 3-5 years, while professional-grade installed by an expert electrician can rotate in your home upwards of 30 years!

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From decorative to basic, there are a variety of ceiling fan options available. Ceiling fans not only help your family stay comfortable indoors, they go beyond basic function to also enhance the décor of a room. Modern and traditional design options are available, with multiple finish options to coordinate with other fixtures within your home. To learn more about installing ceiling fans at your home, call Bovio Rubino Service today.

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