COVID-19 Safety Concerns

Our entire staff is operating under very careful guidelines provided by the CDC, WHO, and local governments to ensure the protection and safety of our clients and the team at Rubino.

Rubino Service Company is an essential business that provides emergency services and we will remain open during this community effort.

We share your concerns and have met the recent challenges in the following ways with our field personnel:

1. All field personnel have been instructed not to report to work if they have a fever, have COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19

2. Not to shake hands with any client

3. Wear disposal gloves in client’s home if needed to touch items like the thermostat

4. iPads and iPhones will not be shared with any clients to sign any invoices and wiping down these items on a consistent basis

5. Wearing disposal shoe coverings when entering the client’s home

6. Washing their hands frequently

7. Practice social distancing with our clients

8. Limiting contact with office personnel as well as canceling all company meetings, trainings, and events.

9. Limiting office staff to less than 10 team members at a time in the building

10. Using air scrubbers in our building

Help us keep our technicians safe so we can continue to provide emergency services to those who need it. We share and respect your concerns and we are committed to working safely throughout this process.

Thank you!

Angela Rubino Hines, Owner, & The Rubino Team