Electricians in Cherry Hill, NJ

Whether an electrical problem has you worried or you want to pursue a lighting project to enhance the look of your Cherry Hill home, count on Rubino Service Company to provide the electrical services you seek. Our highly qualified electricians have the knowledge and skills to perform electrical repairs and upgrades to your satisfaction.

If you need help from an experienced Cherry Hill electrician, schedule an appointment with Rubino Service Company by calling 856-281-1297. You can also contact us online.

Cherry Hill Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are one home issue you should never DIY. Whether it’s a flickering light or a sparking electrical outlet, you should always call a licensed Cherry Hill electrician. Our professionals can help you with any electrical service, including:

  • Malfunctioning electrical outlets
  • Lights that won’t turn on or light switches that shock you
  • Constantly-tripping circuit breakers
  • Sparking lights or outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Hot light switches
  • Unexplained power outages or wiring issues
  • Any other electrical irregularities that cause you concern

Cherry Hill Home Backup Generator Installation

The Cherry Hill area is no stranger to power outages. What if, instead of sitting in the dark waiting impatiently for power to be restored, you could keep the electricity flowing with a backup generator? Our Cherry Hill electricians can help you select the right generator type and size to meet your power needs and budget constraints. Then we can perform a professional installation to ensure safe, proper operation the next time a blackout occurs.

Cherry Hill Electrical Service Improvements

If you live in an older house, your existing electrical service may not be suited to handle today’s energy-consuming kitchen appliances, HVAC equipment, computers, and other electronic devices. Even if your home is fairly modern, a kitchen renovation or home add-on could increase your electrical demand and therefore necessitate an electrical service upgrade. If you constantly face overloaded circuits and tripped breakers, an upgrade with the help of Rubino Service Company could be what you need to create a safer, more functional electrical system.

Cherry Hill Electrical Panel Upgrades

Every Cherry Hill home is built with an electrical panel to act as the backbone of the home’s wiring system. The panels in older homes have limitations when it comes to adding circuits and expanding your home’s electrical service. Your panel may already be maxed out with no room for expansion. It could also feature fuses rather than safer breakers found in modern electrical panels. By upgrading to a breaker panel system, you reduce the risk of electrical fire and make it easier to obtain affordable homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Cherry Hill Lighting & Fixture Help

Interior Lighting Upgrades

The generic lighting in your home may not provide the functionality or aesthetic you want. Let electricians in Cherry Hill help transform your lackluster indoor atmosphere by adding ambient and task lighting, dimmer switches, replacement light fixtures, and more. Whatever interior lighting upgrades you have in mind, we can bring your vision to life.

Exterior Lighting Additions

The outside of your home doesn’t have to be completely dark at night. With our help, you can add landscape lighting, garden post lights, wall sconces, security lights, and other exterior lighting additions. These have a big impact on your home’s appearance, security, outdoor entertainment value, and curb appeal. You can even expect new outdoor lights to increase your home’s value.

Ceiling Fan Services

When it comes to keeping cool in the summer, you could pump up your air conditioning—or you could run a fan to create a cooling breeze and lower your AC costs. A ceiling fan is the most economical and aesthetically pleasing way to cool everyone in a room. If you need help installing this fixture, an electrician from Rubino Service Company can get the job done.

Count on Our Cherry Hill Electricians for Expert Electrical Services

When you need a skilled Cherry Hill electrician to perform installations, repairs, and upgrades, look no further than Rubino Service Company. With over 40 years of experience putting customers first, you can trust us to deliver excellent products and services.

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