Heat Pump Replacement Services in Voorhees, NJ

Heat pumps are essential for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout all seasons of the year, and like anything in your Voorhees home with moving parts, your heat pump may eventually come to the end of its life span. After 10 to 15 years of service, even the most well-maintained heat pumps will need to be replaced.

The team at Rubino Service Company will help you select the best heat pump solution for your home. Our team has decades of experience and will ensure you receive the best service possible.

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Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

5 Signs It Is Time to Replace

When it comes to a replacement, your system doesn’t have to stop working completely for you to consider replacing it. There are many signs that a heat pump’s life span is nearing its end. Here are five signs:

1.    Constantly Needing Repairs

The occasional call for service is normal, but when Rubino is on your speed dial, it is time to have us help you pick a better, more reliable heat pump. Repair costs can add up fast, and when you no longer need those frequent service visits, what you save in money and time will more than make up for the cost of a new heat pump.

2.    Unusual Noises

Mechanical systems are designed to run smoothly, with little friction and very little internal resistance. If there are constant noises from a heat pump, that is usually a sign that their components and moving parts are starting to wear down. The noises can be traced to specific components, such as faulty ductwork, loose vents, dirty filters, and worn-out motors.

3.    Rising Energy Bills

Heat pumps run for most of the year, so your energy bill should be fairly consistent month to month. If you start to notice a steady rise in your bill without a huge change in appliances in your home, it is a good chance that conditioned air is getting lost somewhere in your home, meaning energy is being wasted. Since we work with all makes and models, our dedicated and knowledgeable team can find the best energy-efficient option for you within your budget.

4.    Inconsistent Temperatures

If there are hot or cold spots throughout your house, there is a serious issue with your HVAC system. A heat pump should keep a constant and consistent temperature in your home. A change of the entire system might be necessary after evaluating the inconsistent temperatures in your home.

5.    Aging Equipment

Even with the proper regular maintenance, the best of systems may need to be replaced after time. After 10 to 15 years of service, it is recommended that the heat pump is replaced in its entirety. In addition to getting a more reliable system, you’ll likely get a more energy-efficient one, too.

Our Other Heating System Services

As a South Jersey resident, you depend on your heating system for much of the year. Different heat systems work best in different homes. Our skilled team of NATE-certified professionals can work on furnaces and boilers, in addition to heat pumps.

Rubino Service Company is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and the winner of the Carrier President’s Award. We offer the highest level of training for our employees and dedication to our customers. When our technicians replace and install a new heating system, clean and maintain your existing equipment, or troubleshoot any worn or broken parts, you can expect your system to operate more efficiently and break down less often.

Schedule Heat Pump Replacement in South Jersey

Rubino Service Company in Voorhees has been a family-owned and professionally operated business providing heating, cooling, and other HVAC products and services since 1975. We work as a team on a common mission to serve our customers. We hire, train, motivate, and reward based on integrity, responsibility, and commitment. Rubino Service Company works on all makes and models of heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC products. Our skilled team of NATE-certified professional technicians will be dispatched by our office and arrive to your home in a fully stocked truck.

Schedule a heat pump replacement today with Rubino Service Company by calling (856) 281-1297 or by contacting us online.