HVAC Zoning for South Jersey Homes

Do you find it difficult to keep certain rooms in your home comfortable? Many homeowners in South Jersey face a similar struggle. You might have a south-facing office that overheats very quickly in the afternoon, but if you turn down the temperature, the kids playing in the basement complain of being too cold. Everyone battles for control of the thermostat, and no one’s happy or comfortable. If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from installing a zoning system in your Cherry Hill or Voorhees home.

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How Does Zoning Work?

In most homes, one thermostat controls the heating and cooling needs of the entire home. This isn’t ideal for comfort or energy savings. After all, a single thermostat located on the ground floor can’t take into account the temperature differences between the upstairs and the basement, or north- and south-facing rooms.

With a zoning system, things are different. Every zone you establish comes with its own thermostat, which you can adjust to change the temperature in each individual area of your home. Zoning is possible thanks to dampers in the ductwork that open and close automatically based on ambient temperatures and thermostat settings. With this system in your home, you can enjoy a nice, cool home office, and the kids don’t have to freeze in the basement.

Could Your Home Benefit from a Zoning System?

Zoning could provide great comfort and energy savings if your South Jersey home has any of these characteristics:

  • Multiple stories
  • Finished basement or attic
  • Wings or additions extending off the main living area
  • Large open areas and vaulted ceilings
  • Expansive windows located on south-facing walls
  • Differing temperature needs in different areas
  • Different heating and cooling requirements at various times of day

Benefits of Installing a Zoning System in Cherry Hill

The way you benefit from installing a zoning system depends on how you set up your zones and use your thermostats. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Keep everyone comfortable: Perhaps you like your bedroom to be nice and chilly at night, but you want to keep the baby’s room warmer. Zoning allows you to have both.
  • Lower your heating and cooling bills: There’s no need to heat and cool bedrooms during the day, and you don’t need to condition the main living area when everyone’s asleep at night. Zoning helps you save money by allowing you to heat and cool individual rooms or floors when you need them.
  • Help your HVAC equipment last longer: When you heat and cool by zone rather than the entire house, you lower the HVAC equipment’s workload. In this way, zoning helps your furnace and air conditioner last longer.
  • Enjoy quieter operation: A smaller workload allows for a lower fan speed, which creates a quieter, more streamlined HVAC system.

Install a Quality Zoning System in Your Voorhees Home

At Bovio Rubino Service, we install Arzel zoning systems appropriate for new construction and retrofits. Our technicians can design a system for your home that delivers the benefits you want most. Then, we install all necessary components to bring your zoning system to life.

Choosing Bovio Rubino Service for your zoning system installation means you’ll receive quality service from our installation team, not to mention superior zoning products designed to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% so you can begin the installation or retrofit with confidence. Call (856) 795-3226 or contact us today »